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Neolith Worktops

Explore our range of Neolith, a premium sintered stone. Composed of natural raw materials that are subjected to high pressure and intense heat, it is a compact and ultra-durable material.

One key attribute is its exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. When exposed to hot cookware or fire, it wont scorch, crack or burn. It also excels against very low temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

In addition to impressive heat resistance, this incredible material boasts unmatched resistance to scratching, staining, and abrasion. Beyond countertops, it is highly suitable for various applications, including bathrooms, flooring and wall cladding.

Its versatility extends beyond its durability. Available in a range of finishes, textures, and thicknesses, it allows designers and homeowners to achieve unique visions.

Whether facing extreme temperatures or daily wear, Neolith stands strong, combining stunning aesthetic appeal with lasting performance.

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Whilst these images are of our current stock slabs, we strongly recommend a visit to our extensive stone yard for viewing.