Process - Bristol Marble & Granite Company

Step 1

Your Initial Visit


Visit us to take a tour of our extensive range of full-sized slabs.

Whether it be our natural granite, marble, limestone or our range of Arenastone engineered quartz that you are looking for, we’re here to help.

Bring along samples of doors, tiles, paints or anything else that might influence your selection.

Providing a plan/layout will enable us to give an initial estimate.

Step 2

Reserving your slabs



If still undecided, we welcome you to visit again for another look.

On selection, we will then reserve the exact slabs you wish to use.

We can arrange a laser survey, carried out by our team of fitters, to determine the required dimensions.

Step 3





You are welcome to return and plot your project onto your chosen stone.

Working together, we will achieve your preferred layout.

Rather than the entire slab, you only pay for the material you use:

max. width x max. length

Step 4





Your job will go live for manufacture in our onsite, high-tech workshop.

From the initial cut, to the final polished edges, our masons will handle your job with care and respect.

Step 5




Our expertly trained team will visit to install your selected material.

On completion, we’ll ask you to check and sign off your job before we leave you to enjoy your beautiful new stone.