The Do’s and Don’ts of templating

Benjamin Franklin was once quoted saying, ‘in failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ and never was a truer turn of phrase said!!

Preparation is key to the success of any project, so we’ve come up with a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts to help the templating of your job run smoothly as possible.


  • Check your carcasses are fixed, square, level and plumb before the team arrive to carry out the templating. If you are having a waterfall or end panel made, please make sure that the height of the floor does not change after templating either.  A neat and tidy fit will help us give you the best possible installation!!
  • Make sure any accessories, for example your overmounted sinks, taps, hobs, pop up sockets / extractors etc.. are on site. Any undermounted sinks need to be in situ and as you’d like them however, please don’t “stick” these in place as in some cases we may need to adjust them slightly during installation.
  • Make sure we have current plans of the room(s) we will be surveying.
  • If only the worksurfaces are being replaced and the cabinetry is staying as it is, all existing worktops need to be removed, sinks/ taps unplumbed and electrics / gas disconnected before we arrive.
  • Ensure that access to the property is as it will be on the day of installation so we are able to factor in logistical complications.


  • Please don’t leave the property with no one available to answer technical questions and / or sign off the templates once they are completed. Your input is really important to us, so by being on site to run through all the details means we can make sure that your job is the best it can be!
  • Try not to arrange for other trades (for example electricians, plumbers, floor layers etc) to conflict with one another. Whilst we totally understand that you want to dovetail us all in together, it can sometimes be a logistical nightmare when we’re all trying to work around each other in the same space!
  • Don’t move the units or relocate any cut outs and / or notches after templates have been taken.

If after templating any of the points above alter, please let us know as a matter of urgency as it may affect your installation – and no one wants that!!

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