Arenastone… how’s it made?

Arenastone is one of the leading engineered quartz brands and with a spectacular array of colours to choose from,  you’re sure to find one that you love!!

However have you ever wondered how the slabs are actually created? Well, we thought we’d let you into the secret so simply read on…

The process begins when ground quartz – an abundant natural mineral found all over the world, is combined with pigments, glass, resin and various other minerals that is then poured into huge moulds.


The dry mixture is then precisely measured to the chosen thickness and compressed under a vacuum before being heat-cured to harden it.


Next, the next step in the production processes is to check the uniformity of each slab, hone the edges and polish to the chosen finish.

Areanstone surfaces contain about 93% quartz with a 7% resin plus any other added materials and has several advantages over it’s natural counterpart. For instance, whilst the colour may vary ever so slightly from batch to batch they are beautifully uniform, heat resistant and stands up brilliantly to scratching and staining – whats not to love about this worktop option!!

And there you have it! Whether your looking for an ultra contemporary top or a serene traditional surface, we’ve go you covered!

Now that you know how it’s made, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for this fantastic stone!

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